Lou is available for law enforcement education seminars for schools and guest speaking appearances for religious groups, senior centers, corporations etc. Lou is also available for expert analysis on Network/Cable News, Television Programs, Movies etc.
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A tough no-nonsense veteran of the New York City Police Department, Lou Telano's career has spanned 5 decades!Lou's career began back in the early 60's as a New York City Correction Officer at "The Halls of Justice" a historic facility commonly known as the "The Tombs." But it wasn't until Lou became an undercover officer that his career began to take off! Detective Telano soon achieved the reputation as one of the most innovative and one of the toughest cops in New York City. Along with his partner John Sepe, they are credited with one of the highest number of arrests in New York City's history. So successful where there methods for taking punks of the street that the undercover team was soon deemed The Lone Ranger and Tonto! Their days often found them trying to preserve their anonymity by dressing up in disguises so as not to alert their suspects. Lou and his partner often materialized as construction workers, Good Humor men, insurance salesmen, junkies, and as Hassidic rabbis. Once, they both reverted to their prior occupations as sanitation workers to make a drug arrest. Detective Telano's appetite for undercover work has carried him virtually unscathed through several knife fights and many shoot-outs. Once as a patrolman, Telano was bitten in the line of duty by the enraged girl friend of a narcotics dealer he had just arrested. Soon after Hollywood took notice and the duo became the inspiration behind the hit TV Series Starsky & Hutch! From the "Halls of Justice" through the "Halls of Congress" Lou's career has yielded him over 75 awards and citations and placed him next to Mayors, Governors, Senators, Presidents and dignitary from all over the world!